Sailing catamaran - Afternoons


Departing from Puerto de Alcúdia, this catamaran trip takes you to the most beautiful beaches and corners of our island for a wonderful day out with your partner, family or friends. Book your trip on our catamaran in Mallorca now and don’t miss out on swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the island’s beaches, savouring our delicious cuisine on board and having fun diving and kayaking around Mallorca’s most beautiful coves



What is included in the price of our catamaran trip around mallorca?

The trip on our catamaran Anacaona lasts for approximately five hours so you can enjoy Mallorca’s beauty to the full. The price includes the catamaran trip around Mallorca with various stop offs, insurance, lunch on board and the use of equipment for activities such as diving and kayaking.

DURATION 5 hours. approx.




What will be the planning of our catamaran excursion?

After a few hours touring along the coast on our catamaran, we drop anchor so you can take a dip while our crew prepares a barbecue for lunch. Enjoy a delicious meal on board while admiring the magnificent landscape of Mallorca’s north coast. You won’t need to worry about a thing. Our crew are entirely at your disposal and your mission is simply to relax and have fun.

Our Catamaran Anacaona

Enjoy sailing around the paradisiacal north coast of Mallorca aboard our exclusive and modern sailing catamaran. Our catamaran offers all amenities and safety standards on board. The characteristics of Anacaona make her the ideal vessel for enjoying a safe and calm sailing experience. Her size means she can accommodate a large number of passengers comfortably and she is fully equipped with a bar, toilets, steps down to the sea, ample netting for sunbathing and a professional crew who will look after you at all times.


Departures every day.

Boarding Points Departure Times
Alcúdia Pins 09:10 h.
Las Gaviotas 09:30 h.
Ciudad Blanca 09:40 h.
Sunwing 09:50 h.
Port d’Alcúdia 10:00 h.


We have a special pick-up service. For more information, contact the nearest point of sale.


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